New Year Resolution #1: Join Skimlinks!

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No, it's not some new dieting fad/technique/magic weight loss pill/exercise regime.

None of the above! It's actually a way to 'monetise' your site. Money-what? 'Monetise'! To make money or referals out of your site. I may as well get paid for some of the info I put on here and at least pay for the hosting, domain names etc that I have to shell out for every year. This money-making thing is also known as affiliate marketing. Essentially if a reader clicks on an external link such as this one,, and you decide to buy that first class ticket to Cape Town then Sir Branson will kindly pay me 5% comission for sending business his way. It doesn't cost you a penny more as it comes out of Richard's coffers.

If you're not a fan of Virgin, then please use to book that first class flight instead! Tongue Out

That may also help my share performance with britishairways! Money Mouth


Anyway, if you wish to know more, then head over to where you can register and start earning some referal $$.

There's also a useful wordpress app but so far there's nothing integrated into Joomla which is a bit dissapointing as ideally, everything could be integrated into Joomla rather than having to log into your Joomla admin and pages. Just remember to add the snippet of code into your Joomla template file otherwise you won't earn a penny/cent! have thousands of affiliates they work with so if you wish you can promote them all on your site, including many travel affiliates (my favourite category!)  such as,,, etc!


Happy 'monetising'!



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