Damaged Trampoline - spare parts needed!!

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Yes, I must be going mad. I've started writing about trampolines. I'm a closet affiociando on trampolines...

Just when you need to kick the kids out into the garden you remember that the trampoline's in no fit state to be used as it's been thrown around the garden by the recent hight winds. Poles are bent again and are beyond 'unbending'. This is now the second time this has happened and of course you can either source spare parts (hoping they fit!) or splash out another GBP100 on a new one. Hence this post - I'm hoping I can help other desperate parents out there on sourcing spare parts fro trampolines, whether it's bent poles or ripped trampoline nets.

In this case ASDA don't provide spares for the trampoline and I have had to resort to (the last time the poles didn't fit 100%) or go back to the manufacturer.  In this case the trampoline that ASDA flogs is manufactured by Jumpking and the best place to get spares would be:

  • Trampled Underfoot Ltd*, or

Both of these are the only suppliers of spares in the uk as far as I know (that will fit your Jumpking at least). Well that's where I got my replacement 38mm diameter Enclosure pole which will will fit trampolines with a max leg diameter of 46mm. They will also be able to provide you with:

Trampoline Spare Parts

  • Trampoline Springs
  • Trampoline Frame Pads
  • Trampoline Beds and Jumping Mats
  • Spring Anchor Straps

Trampoline Enclosure Spare Parts

  • Nets
  • Top Caps
  • Net attachments
  • Poles
  • Pole Foams

Good luck, and happy jumping!

JumpKing 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure - RRP £99

* Trampled Underfoot Ltd, a seperate company that handled the aftersales and customer service in the UK went into liquidation in June 2012. The YJ Corporation, owners of the JumpKING Brand have stepped in and established their own UK based operation to service the needs of all JumpKING customers. All trampolines and spare parts etc will be available through JumpKING and their authorised UK dealers, and warranty support will continue.

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