Back online!

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After many months the site is back online after being hacked for the 2nd time. Why do they bother? Thanks to Ben Sonley for assisting me to get the site back online.

Now to secure it before they come back!

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the joys of property hunting

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And I thought the property market was supposedly in the doldrums?

Well, not according to the some of the over-priced crap I've seen on the market with associated inflated prices to boot! Some clearly feel that obese, fag-smoking husbands on the sofa will result in buyers banging at their doors for a quick offer. My only offer should have been to offer them some tips on what not to do when potential buyers come and view. These are my personal experiences so far. No doubt I will add more as...

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New Year Resolution #1: Join Skimlinks!

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No, it's not some new dieting fad/technique/magic weight loss pill/exercise regime.

None of the above! It's actually a way to 'monetise' your site. Money-what? 'Monetise'! To make money or referals out of your site. I may as well get paid for some of the info I put on here and at least pay for the hosting, domain names etc that I have to shell out for every year. This money-making thing is also known as affiliate marketing. Essentially if a reader clicks on an external link such...

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New Year Resolution #2: Skim the fat

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Being stuck behind the computer for most of the day doing a really interesting job (sarcasm??) it's easy to start resembling a beached whale pretty soon. Well not behind the computer...but on the beach...



So I joined the other resolutionists and bought myself some impressive trainers and started running again. Which reminds me...I need to go for a run again at some point!


But it's amazing to see the prices you can get from e-tailors such as sportsshASICS GEL-NOOSA TRI 7 Racing Shoes picture where I...

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Damaged Trampoline - spare parts needed!!

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Yes, I must be going mad. I've started writing about trampolines. I'm a closet affiociando on trampolines...

Just when you need to kick the kids out into the garden you remember that the trampoline's in no fit state to be used as it's been thrown around the garden by the recent hight winds. Poles are bent again and are beyond 'unbending'. This is now the second time this has happened and of course you can either source spare parts (hoping they fit!) or splash out another GBP100 on a...

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