About this site

This website is a culmination of all the things that I've collected over the years of surfing the internet. My collection mostly covers travel (the better sites for travel info, where to hunt for those cheap tickets, planning your travel etc). I don't 'do' high-street shopping, so I've also stored (pun intended) some useful links to some of the e-shops I have used.

There will also be various other bits like genealogical info on my family name 'Meyboom/Meijboom'. All of which I needed to store somewhere, and have a back up, so, why not on the 'net cloud' itself! That way I can share/bore them with everybody, and so I created this website.

To check out the contents, simply select one of the headings on the left.

As you will notice, the site is now mostly UK-centric, having recently emigrated back from Australia.

If you find any other sites which you think should get a mention on the site let me know!

In the meantime take a look around......Enjoy !



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